Thursday, 18 January 2018

Top 100?

Cory Bernardi comes across as an idiot. Try these sentences:

"I suspect a great many more people have voted in the poll, and will listen to it, because of the outrage the industry that have attached themselves to it."

"It's preposterous they draw attention to something they pretend they don't want to endorse."
"This is the modern take on politics, that you have to be tolerant of everyone else's ideas unless you disagree with them."
The list itself is rubbish.
If you put Farnsie ahead of Daddy Cool you are a dead-set fuckwit. You're the Voice? My arse. Eagle Rock or death to you. (That is not a death threat under any law - it means the metaphoric death of extinguishment from history as a know-nothing and a never-was.)
Senators do not usually deserve death threats, nor are they allowed them under the law, though sometimes a bugger like this begs to have his teeth kicked in.
This senator is a turncoat, a rat, a traitor. Even the stupid old Liberal Party must hate the sight of him, and now his corny, committee-selected sounds.
We can but hope that this fake party fails to rate a quota next time, or that an angry God strikes down a hypocrite. 

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