Monday, 27 February 2017

Can I Compare Our Love to Pyrmont?

Can I Compare Our Love to Pyrmont?

Outside the central business district
a distinct and somewhat solitary, soaring promontory
surrounded by deep, dark waters
the sharks unseen though undoubtedly there
many of our favourite features are viewed from without,
their windows boarded, weed-overgrown,
entrance forbidden to those most desirous and desiring of ingress, congress.

We have visited together,
walking the busy thoroughfares, the lonely back lanes
daytime trucks rumble, by night bats screech
and each alone has climbed the headland
gazed over the abodes of four million
intent on one alone, wishing you were here.

I visit and go, and return -
it's still here.

Day or night,
the steaming stinking summer,
the wet and windswept winter -
it changes, though it remains,
not the same - agreed -
though, through the years, itself,
undeniable, beautiful, historic, human.

This is where we walked, kissed, laughed, wept.
Neglected, battered, overbuilt,
it stays
You can go there any time you like
It's not that far away.

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